Blessed to bless

My mother is part of a knitting group and when they heard we were coming back to Nepal they went into knitting overdrive! It turned out that they were not the only knitting group that had gotten inspired! In the end there was so many jumpers and hats I  think most of the team had … More Blessed to bless

The return of the team

​So we’re still in Nepal but the team returned home on Wednesday. Eelco shares his home coming . . . Going back home. After a long flight watching various movies and, seeing some stunning sights of mainly desserts, which from my creationist point of view reveal some awesome evidence of Noah’s flood, the first thing … More The return of the team

The hair dressers

Today’s been a day of hairdressing first some of the guys went for a trim shave and massage. I knew what was coming so it was fun to sit and watch as their necks got crunched, fingers pulled and heads battered.  Later on armed with an excellent hairdressing set donated by a member of our … More The hair dressers

The walking woman

I am getting emotional as I write this but I will hold myself together for you. It’s Friday night and we’ve just arrived back in Kathmandu. On the way back the reality of the third world smashed me in the face. We’ve been in Palung town four hours away from Kathmandu on the road to … More The walking woman