Dear Dad Almighty

A prayer.

Dear Dad Almighty so much is happening that is incredible, moving and miraculous that it seems strange to be asking for more but we ask for more. You have a plan for us whilst we are here that is bigger than we imagined. The good plans we had have fallen through. Land that was given for the building project has been taken back, there is no one to train the girls to make the jewellery everything is in disarray, our plans are in tatters but your plan is bigger. You are good and you don’t bring 9 people with hearts and hands set to bless and help all this way just for them to be frustrated. Reveal your plan, open the doors and have your glory for when we ask for bread you do not give a stone. You are our heavenly dad who knows how to give good gifts to his children. Remember your children in Nepal today I pray. Amen


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