The road to a new project

I just said to Andy, “I’m so tired it feels as though it is 11 o clock”. We are on our way back to Katmandu from a village, and it’s only about 18:15 pm. A nearly four hours drive over a road that winds it’s way through the hills. 4 hours it would be, if a car hadn’t collided with a lorry. Now there is traffic standing still as far as we can see. A line of little lights winding itself up on the slopes… and here, there are no street lights. 

The green hills stretched out as far as I could see. A lot of it is vegetables and rice, corn and the like, most of it trees. All in all it has been much more cultivated than I expected. It’s beautiful but this definatly hasn’t been a tourism trip. Along most of the route are tiny shacks, houses and tin structures that are used as workshops, roadside cafe, or maybe a small barn, as well as home to a whole family, possibly more. This morning, on our way to to the village there were groups of children walking along the side of the road, making their way to school, without an adult guidance, but this road is far from quiet. Andy says we’re probably exhausted because there is just so much to take in. So much human deprivation and at the same time so much beauty. Unless you have been here you can not possibly imagine what life is like here.

The reason we made this trip is to see if we can indeed build the extension to a Church in the village as a replacement for the project we had planned to do in Gunsa. 

This extension is going to be used as a training/disciple ship base. Christians here still have values along the lines of their old culture, often women do a lot of the hard labor while the men might be sitting at home, or if a woman dies during or not long after labour the child might be considered evil. The desire that burns in the pastor’s heart is to teach people how God views and values people.

The day has been well worth it! A good experience, and we have decided that we can do this project and have agreed to return on Monday with the whole team.


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