The hair dressers

Today’s been a day of hairdressing first some of the guys went for a trim shave and massage. I knew what was coming so it was fun to sit and watch as their necks got crunched, fingers pulled and heads battered. 

Later on armed with an excellent hairdressing set donated by a member of our church in the UK it was off to a children’s home and time to teach some hairdressing skills. Rahul and his team run a children’s home for twelve children, six boys and six girls. The children all have sad stories but their life in the home is one surrounded by love, friends and Jesus. They are beautiful worshippers and really swiftly welcome new friends with real affection.

I spent around an hour coaching Rahul in using the best set of hair trimmers I’ve ever used. He was a good student and  from today he is the home barber with his own hair cutting kit. 
It’s a joy to bless people in ways like this. Thank you for donating the haircutting stuff!


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