The return of the team

​So we’re still in Nepal but the team returned home on Wednesday.

Eelco shares his home coming . . .

Going back home.

After a long flight watching various movies and, seeing some stunning sights of mainly desserts, which from my creationist point of view reveal some awesome evidence of Noah’s flood, the first thing I notice when we get of the plane, is the carpeted floor and well maintained  bridge to the arrivals Hall. Then the brand new shining vending machines and luggage conveyor belt in the luggage pickup Hall, where to my astonishment our luggage arrived. After all I only just managed to get on or flight from Istanbul to Birmingham. Our first flight left 25 minutes late and on our way in Istanbul to the boarding gate, I got lost. When I got to the boarding gate the rest of the team were waiting for me, and had refused to get on the shuttle bus without me. That is love that is!

When we got to the carpark, Jane and Sid were waiting for us and greeted us with hugs by the exit, and we left after Charis’s fiancee got there to pick her up.

When we got on the road I was struck by the strange feeling that I had never been in this country before. I recognized many things but yet… Expensive new cars everywhere and the road so quiet. Getting to Northampton I was struck by the space and luxurious houses. The most strange thing is that somehow I feel that the poverty in Nepal is more normal then our opulence here. I know that God’s desire is that everyone should have enough, but I find myself very convinced somehow.


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