A glimpse of heaven

As Clem does his best to explain speaking in tongues to the gathering of orphans, street kids, missionaries and YWAM youngsters he does a quick recap of the major events in the life of the prayer house community over the past three weeks.

 It’s been three weeks we’ve had the privilege of sharing with them and what an honour it has been to see the pages of the new testament being relived in our days. 

This was the summary

Susmeeta is blind, 15 years old and lives in a tent with her whole family. At night she would often be tormented scream out and shout demonic rantings. Three weeks ago things took a turn for the worse and she went through several days of continuous torment. Her Christian friend Andrea was with her at her tent and started to command the spiritual forces behind this torment to leave Susmeeta alone in Jesus name. This was brave in front her Hindu family but God was in control. The praying continued for a long time like some kind of spiritual wrestling match put on just for the family audience. It’s not clear how or why this happened but along the way the family grab their idols and images and start shouting at this evil tormenting spirit saying “look what worshipping you has done to our family”. They then start ripping up the images and throwing out their idols and all decide to follow Jesus! 

The days all blur, devine encounters and even miracles get lost in the rapidly unfolding epic biblical adventure. After a week of more healings and more people deciding to accept Jesus we come to the Saturday at the prayer house Susmeeta is being baptised and many of her family come along to witness this amazing testimony. 

Roll on another week and the Saturday sees a kind of Pentecostal visitation that results in some staff from the childrens having some pretty physically outrageous spiritual manifestations and a whole bunch of orphans speaking in tongues.

It truly has been like living in the book of Acts and I don’t want to miss it. So God we will stay if you give us the thing we have asked for but whatever happens life has to be different. Once you have glimpsed heaven, earth has nothing for you. All that remains is to point as many souls heavenward as one can along the way. 


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