Jewellery project update

Well you have guessed by now that we never managed to launch this project whilst we were in Nepal and you’re probably wondering what is happening, especially if you contributed financially towards this project.

The jewellery designer and trainer has become extremely busy and consequently let us down at the last hurdle. This was a huge disappointment and has taken a bit of adjusting to! This has forced us to do some creative thinking about how to proceed and we are really happy to say that we think that this project will be stronger as a result of this!

Whilst in Nepal we made friends with some people who are also running a very similar project to the one we want to start called beauty for ashes. After speaking with Beauty for ashes and explaining our plan they have agreed to train one of our ladies. Once she is trained we will then have a skilled member of staff to help run Transformed Jewels and train our staff. Our commitment is to purchase the jewellery that is produced by this member of staff at the prices beauty for ashes ask for.

So we are hoping that you’re all going to be looking for jewellery from Nepal to buy in the near future.



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