Did we build a church?

We set out to complete two projects whilst we were in Nepal with our team. Actually we completed neither of them. To read about the Jewellery project see my previous post.

In the first week of being in Nepal we learnt that the land that had been given to us to build the church was now no longer being donated. Wow great timing guys! Actually it would have been nearly impossible for us to build in Helambu  in September 2016 as the monsoon had still not finished well into October and the road to the village remained completely impassible. So having raised the funds for the Church building we now found ourselves in difficult situation. We had the money to build but no village and no land and three weeks to kill with a team of 11 people (hence the blog post Dear Daddy Almighty)

After speaking with friends in Nepal we managed to identify an alternative building project worthy of our time and funding. Me and Eelco shot off with our new friend Surendra to check it out and we returned with good news for the team (read Eelco account). In the village of Palung there is a good two storey church building. The upstairs was training rooms and the downstairs is the church hall. In the earthquake the Pastors house collapsed and so he moved into the training rooms with the six orphans that he cares for. This therefore left the church short of space. Our team had the privilege of  building an extension on the first floor accommodation that will be used for training pastors and young Christians.  We also funded the building of a new Sunday school too.

It was hard work trying to communicate between UK and Nepali builders with completely different approaches to construction but we got there and the building work went well in the end. The amazing thing was that we still had some funds left over!

In back in Kathmandu there has been no town planning for years, the streets are narrow and there is little space left between the houses.This year the government has been on a crazy infrastructure improvement drive which has involved widening many roads. To achieve this they have had to pull down many houses or at least remove part of them. This is what they are doing to  David Prasains rented home. This crates multiple problems! Just last year we helped to build Himalayan Hope Church right behind this rented house. Now they have to move as the house will be half pulled down.  This means they need to build a compound and some rooms next to their church for a live in security guard and a Sunday school. Praise God we have been able to help them financially with this too!


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