About Us

Multiply Nepal is part of the Multiply International network of Churches which is a network of churches, leaders and groups with a vision to see a spread of radical Christianity throughout the world. It is open to churches of all sizes and styles and was initiated by the Jesus Army (Jesus Fellowship Church) in 1992. It is a member of the Evangelical Alliance UK
Andy and Eva Shefford have been involved in Nepal since the 2015 earthquakes and spent 4 1/2 months living with the Nepali people and working with them between August 2015 and Jan 2016. Consequently we have become close friends with  many of our partners and want to promote the network through this website. We are currently living in New Creation Christian Community, an intentional “all things in common” community based in Leicester UK at Springfield House. We married in 1998 and have been seeking to serve God here in Leicester ever since. We have no children of our own and it is partly because of this that we are free to be missional.

I am the daughter of Swedish singer Christina and Pastor Per-Arne Imsen and grand daughter of pastors on both sides of the family. The early part of my up bringing was also in intentional Christian community in Sweden and I have always had a faith but it became personal when at the age of nine I committed my life to Jesus and got baptised. I trained and worked as a nurse in Sweden before meeting Andy and moving to England. I currently work as a teaching assistant at the local St John’s Church of England School. Serving God by going to Nepal is both challenging and exciting and I am looking forward to all that God is going to do.

I am one of the pastors in the leadership team but during the day works as a carpenter / building project manager. I also have a number of other skills having worked in video production for the Jesus Army creative department and lectured in Art & Design at DeMontfort University.

At the age of 15 my life was radically turned around from being self centered to being Jesus centered. Although I was brought up in the 24/7 christian environment of the New Creation Christian Community I was definitely not a christian. I knew I was dirty on the inside and just at the right time the fact that Jesus died for me suddenly made sense. A guy invited people to respond to a message he had just given about Jesus being able to give us a new beginning. I got up, went to the front and cried my sin away as I knelt and prayed to Jesus that I may be clean. I was filled with peace and felt like I had come home for the first time. Twenty nine years later and I am still living for Jesus who saved me. God is good and never lets you down. 


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