We thank God for all the money that has been raised to help the people of Nepal. With this money we have been able to do some amazing things:

  • We have built a house for 6 people made homeless in the earthquake
  • Funded a business start up for a couple who were seriously injured and made homeless in the earthquakes
  • Helped to build a church in Kathmandu
  • Redecorated the day room in a children’s home
  • Built a playground for rescued street children
  • Bought blankets and food for people living in temporary accommodation
  • Took all the kids from a kids home to a village for Christmas and bought them presents
  • Bought and delivered 650 hot water bottles to earthquake affected villages in the Himalayan foothills

This year we are planning to do two or possibly three projects

Or you can give directly to us using the details below.

UK sponsors 
Account number: 50645935
Sort code: 601339
To pay via Paypal please send money to –

Svenska sponsorer –
Kontonummer: 5021-00 421 17
SWISH to +447940801379

International payments can be made to

Account name: A&E Shefford
IBAN code: GB41NWBK60133950645935


4 thoughts on “Giving

  1. Hi Eva & Andy! Hope you well ( seems like it), such a wonderful job and improving the lives of so many. Just wondering, the swish account, is if directly to you guys in Nepal? Would love to donate if we could. Lots of love, The morbergs. xoxo


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