The walking woman

I am getting emotional as I write this but I will hold myself together for you. It’s Friday night and we’ve just arrived back in Kathmandu. On the way back the reality of the third world smashed me in the face. We’ve been in Palung town four hours away from Kathmandu on the road to … More The walking woman

Dear Dad Almighty

A prayer. Dear Dad Almighty so much is happening that is incredible, moving and miraculous that it seems strange to be asking for more but we ask for more. You have a plan for us whilst we are here that is bigger than we imagined. The good plans we had have fallen through. Land that … More Dear Dad Almighty

Stairs to joy

​Sarahs Monday . . . .Witnessing God revealing himself to His children has to be hands down one of the best experiences in life. We had the privilege of seeing God move in one woman’s life today.  To fully tell this story I’ll go back to Friday when I had a picture from God off … More Stairs to joy