Transformed Jewels

Rescuing women from prostitution and giving them a new life

Nepal is an extremely poor country. Out of 187 countries listed in the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report 2013 it was 157th. 041CProstitution and the trafficking of women and girls is a big problem in Nepal.  When you possess nothing apart from your physical body you have few options.

This year Transformed jewels aims to give ex sex trade workers a new home, training and a job making jewellery. The jewellery they make will be purchased by us in the UK thus providing a regular income and a new way for life for these ladies.

This is a two year commitment with the aim that the project will be self sustaining after that. Initially we need funds to pay wages whilst the ladies learn their new trade and to pay the bills for setting up of the rented accommodation. The total cost of the project is around £4800 Any help is welcome and to pay the wage for one lady is around £50 per month. Help us to make this project come about by sponsoring one of the ladies here

Church building project

A new church building

Nepal is a traditional Hindu and Buddhist country but there is a growing number of Christians. We want to gift our skills, time and money to provide a safe building for some of the believers to meet in. We have the manpower to construct the building and thanks to many of you we now have funds to start building. To do this will cost something in the region of £4000 Please help us to pray for this or if you wish to help fund this donate here