The Mission

Multiply Nepal is more than just a disaster relief response. We are a partnership that started prior to the 2015 earthquakes and will continue when the NGOs and aid agencies have moved on. We love one another and love remains. We are also primarily a Christian organisation with the aim of promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and our on going projects reflect that.

We (Andy and Eva) responded to the call for donations for our Nepali brothers and sisters after the earthquakes last year by putting themselves in the offering. Through our time serving in Nepal strong friendships have been made. Now in August 2016 we will return with a team of self funding volunteers to respond to some of the many needs (see more information on the giving page).

Working with VS Ministries we want to start a project to rescue girls from the sex trade and give them a new start in life. They will get a home and be trained to make jewellery which will be sold in the UK buy us. The girls will also be introduced to Jesus and participate in the activities of the Church based in Dhungedhara Kathmandu.

We also want to support a tiny village church in Helambu that has no pastor but is out growing its tiny church building. This Church is a daughter church of Himalayan Hope Church based in Dhapasi Heights Kathmandu. They really need a safe building that is bigger than the tiny dry stone wall place they meet in so it’s our plan to build a timber framed church building up there in the mountains for them to worship in.

We are also hoping that we can include a mission trip that will pass by a Nepali Jail. We want to join with people who are already involved in ministry in the jails and hold a gospel event in there as we give some practical help to the inmates too.

Support us through prayer, by signing up to receive updates through this blog, or financially by checking out the funding page.


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